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Hire a 24/7 Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Obviously, real estate agents have odd work schedules. Offices often take up Starbucks tables, your front seat, homes and even your child's Little League tournament. Fast-paced, mentally demanding and competitive, real estate commands your attention – leaving smaller tasks unattended. This generation of savvy, go-getting real estate professionals demands savvy virtual assistants – and we've got them.

Possibilities are endless for real estate experts to expand their current business. 24/7 real estate virtual assistant access not only expands your current capabilities, it helps complete virtually any task you previously struggled to complete. Below we've outlined five (5) compelling areas where these VA's can work, whether you're awake and closing sales, or soundly counting sheep.

How does our Virtual Assistants work ?

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Today's websites have adopted two major content management systems: Wordpress and Joomla. Both have plugins, or modules, that help real estate agents capture leads, connect to MLS databases and even provide slideshows to potential buyers. Hire an unprofessional real estate virtual assistant, and watch your website falter; hire ours, and see just how easy they'll begin maintaining your website.

Need blog posts scheduled? Looking for perfect Wordpress themes? Maybe you need specific calls to action placed above the fold. Tired of seeing content looking disorderly? Regardless what website assistance is required, we're prepared to match your needs with an available real estate virtual assistant who's proven their skill in website development and maintenance.

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Search placement

Competition between local realtors is undoubtedly fierce. In order to grab new clients from competition, your website or portfolio needs to achieve total Google domination. With various real estate keywords costing more than your website for each click, specialists in organic (natural) search engine placement are needed. A savvy 24/7 real estate virtual assistant can help you tremendously.

By fine-tuning your website's presence, optimizing your off-site presence and blending videos, content and pertinent target keywords, real estate agents can expect new buyers to find them faster. For frugal realtors, this means spending less to acquire new customers – all because our VA's optimized you.

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Social media

73% of U.S. citizens are using social media in some form, meaning your potential reach is much greater than before. The importance of tapping into this highly interactive audience goes without saying, considering people in Bangor may wish to purchase homes in Seattle. From engaging your current followers to optimizing social ads, each real estate virtual assistant we match realtors with has immense skills in social engagement.

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have become trendsetters in various formats, and these three platforms attract buyers and investors alike. Don't send valuable social media leads towards local competition; let our 24/7 virtual assistants help weave the fine fabric necessary to establish social credibility for your real estate agency or individual brokerage.

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Are you guilty of marking every unread email as 'Read' at 7AM because you've got little time before your first appointment? Tired of current opt-in lists not receiving timely newsletters? From sending flashy newsletters to responding to buyer inquiries, a real estate virtual assistant can eliminate your biggest morning headaches, letting your day run smoothly.

In fact, our professional VA's are skilled enough to verify email addresses, design highly convertible email campaigns and carry professional decorum necessary to respond to any emails regarding available properties, office hours or general information about getting in touch with you. Simply send your newly assigned VA detailed to-do lists, and watch your days go much smoother.


Phone calls

The likelihood you'll need property-related phone calls answered at 3AM is slim. However, what about individuals showing interest in particular properties during business hours? What if there are site errors showing at 3AM which prevents West Coast buyers from accessing your website, where it's only 12AM? Ask any real estate virtual assistant you're assigned to handle these calls, and it's done properly.

Skilled enough to handle phone support yet proficient enough to handle incoming calls throughout your work day, your real estate business could actually flop when customer support fails. Let the professional phone voices we've vetted, hired and sent your way offer their phone answering services to you.


Our Real Estate Virtual Assistants help you to
make better decisions in Real Estate!


Sounds great! How do I begin?

As you clearly see, having the skilled presence of every real estate virtual assistant we offer could drastically increase conversions, decrease your per-customer acquisition costs and make your social presence more appealing. Ready to run past your competition, yet aren't sure whether paying for VA's will bring your goals to fruition? Contact us today by phone or email and we'll discuss your needs, or simply choose the monthly fee best suited for your business.